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COVID-19 Announcements for the 2021 Workshop Season

We remain optimistic that we can hold our planned Fabric Marbling courses on April 22 – 23 and April 26 – 27 with Regina and Dan St. John. We will be posting any updates regarding fabric marbling on this website under Workshops and please follow us on Instagram @ctrbookarts where we will also post updates.

After the April Fabric Marbling classes, we will not resume workshops until the end of June, kicking off with Carol Barton’s ever popular Pop Up Structures workshop. We are expecting that we will be running normally from the end of June forward. Please be assured that for all courses, if we must cancel the class due to interference by Covid-19, we will refund all tuitions to students. (Materials fees are not relevant to the refund process because they are not paid until class meeting time.) While we are not anticipating canceling any classes due to Covid-19, in the event we must cancel we will do our utmost to cancel 10 – 14 days prior to class. Please feel free to check in with us via email or phone at any time with questions, but we will be doing our usual routine of emailing out class letters two or more weeks prior to class time. Our Covid-19 policies that we used throughout our compressed 2020 workshop season will be in force for workshops until further notice: Masks for everyone, Stay home if you’re sick, We will keep enrollment numbers in line to allow social distancing as the situation requires, and there will be lots of sanitizing of the restroom, doorknobs, and beyond.

School for Bookbinding Arts

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