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School for Bookbinding Arts
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 COVID-19 Announcements for

the 2022 Workshop Season

UPDATED: 12-6-2021


We are expecting that we will be running classes normally this season. Please be assured that for all courses, if we must cancel the class due to interference by Covid-19, we will refund all tuitions to students. (Materials fees are not relevant to the refund process because they are not paid until class meeting time.) While we are not anticipating canceling any classes due to Covid-19, in the event we must cancel we will do our utmost to cancel 10 – 14 days prior to class. Please feel free to check in with us via email or phone at any time with questions, but we will be doing our usual routine of emailing out class letters two or more weeks prior to class time and will email any Covid-related information the moment we have anything to report.

Our Covid-19 policies for 2022:

1) Masks for everyone.

2) Don’t come to a workshop while ill.

3) We are asking all our students attending workshops to be fully vaccinated with an completed FDA-approved Covid-19 immunization series prior to attending. [At this writing, per the CDC, a person who has received all of the recommended doses of either a single dose or a 2-dose primary COVID-19 vaccine series is considered fully vaccinated.] We will be contacting students to confirm their vaccination status. This confirmation will be handled on a class-by-class basis with students at least three weeks prior to class.

4) Our instructors will be fully vaccinated.

For anyone who is not planning to vaccinate, we suggest you wait out this year as we anticipate a time in the future where vaccination status will no longer be relevant to workshop anticipation.

These policies are subject to change without notice, and these changes will be reflected here as so as they are enacted.

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