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The F. Marvin Bahr Scholarship

The annual F. Marvin Bahr award is a need-based scholarship entitling the recipient to the tuition for a one- or two-day class. The scholarship is awarded every April and is to be used within that calendar year. The purpose of the scholarship is to honor and perpetuate the memory of our good friend and longtime student Marvin Bahr in a manner of which he would heartily approve.

Applicants are to apply via email (workshops@cattailrun.com) addressed to the Selection Committee, and in several paragraphs describe their interest in book craft and reason for seeking studies in bookbinding and also indicate the course for which they would like to use the scholarship. The application deadline is March 15, and receipt of the application will be acknowledged via email.

While no financial documentation is required, applicants are on their honor that paying for tuition creates an undue budgetary burden for them. At this time, housing allowance, travel expenses, and course materials fees are not part of the award. The award is available one time per person. The award is non-transferrable and has no cash value. Enrollment in a particular course is subject to availability and satisfaction of any course pre-requisites.

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