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The School for Bookbinding Arts

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Given that our fall classes are ones that cannot be taught effectively with the required distancing, the classes listed from mid-September onward will be postponed and be placed on our schedule in the futureFor 2021, we are optimistic that we can hold our planned Fabric Marbling courses on April 22-23 and April 26-27 with Regina and Dan St. John. We will be posting more information about that on this website and please follow us on Instagram at ctrbookarts.

Also in 2021, we are planning a Silk Road Series for later in the year that will encompass a wide range of arts including Japanese papermaking, Suminagashi, Japanese bookbinding, Calligraphy, Coptic binding, Turkish Ebru marbling, and ending with an intensive on Italian marbled patterns and a wine tasting!  The Silk Road Series will be our multi-day extravaganza intended to banish Covid19 and turn our eyes toward a bright and exciting future at Cat Tail Run and the School for Bookbinding Arts.

To Register

  1. Registration is on a first-come/first-serve basis. You must pay the tuition for a class in order to guarantee your spot in it.
  2. Email us at workshops@cattailrun.com or call (540) 662-2683 to confirm availability and/or receive advice about which course to enroll in.
  3. Upon payment for a class, we provide receipts as proof of registration.
  4. If a course has a materials fee, please hold the payment for that fee until the day of the class. Materials fees are only payable to the instructor of a course.
  5. We accept credit card payments over the telephone. You can also pay with a check or credit card by printing, completing, and mailing the Workshop Registration Form available below. We cannot at this time process debit cards.